Bus and public transport on Lipari

Map of Lipari

While renting a scooter or a car to get around the Aeolian Islands, I would highly recommend trying the convenient and reliable public transport, especially if you prefer to avoid the hassle of searching for parking spots. The bus system on Lipari is, similar to Salina, extensive and runs regularly, providing easy access to all … Read more

Provincial Finals “Miss Isole Eolie 2023” for Miss Italia

View from teatro del Castello in Lipari

Lipari, a picturesque island in Italy, recently played host to a glamorous event that brought together beauty and local culture in a unique way. The Miss Italia 2023 provincial finals (Miss Isole Eolie) a prestigious beauty pageant, took place on the island, adding a touch of glamour to the serene island life. Miss Isole Eolie … Read more