Bus and public transport on Lipari

While renting a scooter or a car to get around the Aeolian Islands, I would highly recommend trying the convenient and reliable public transport, especially if you prefer to avoid the hassle of searching for parking spots. The bus system on Lipari is, similar to Salina, extensive and runs regularly, providing easy access to all villages on the island. Enjoy the scenic views without any stress or worries! Although this article may seem detailed, using the buses is actually straightforward. Simply find your local bus stop, check the timetable, carry some cash, and if anything is unclear or goes wrong, rest assured that the experienced bus drivers of Lipari are accustomed to assisting tourists.

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Where can you find the official bus timetables for Lipari?

The company “Ursobus” ist the only official bus company on Lipary. Every bus stop has a timetable displayed right by the stop sign. This schedule applies to the entire island, as there are only two bus lines. Additionally, you can download the current timetable pdf (New one for Spring 2024) format from the Ursobus website.

How much does public transport cost on Lipari?

A bus ticket is 1,90 – 2,40€ (2023) depending on the distance you travel. If you are coming from Lipari city and want to go to Quattropani 2,40€ incl return ticket 3,80€). You pay in cash to the driver when you enter the bus. You can check the bus ticket prices on their website. You can get tickets at the Bus terminal Lipari port, Lipari Central (TOBACCO CORSO V. EMANUELE) and Canneto Spiaggia (BAR 17, NOLEGGIO DA LORENZO, LIDO CORAL BEACH)

There are options to get discounted tickets if you buy 6/10/20er subscription ticket for the same distance. Its much cheaper as using single or return tickets, so if you stay at least 1 week this might be worth the effort.

The company now also offers an App where you can buy your bus ticket in the app itself. You need to create an account for this. Sadly the map function isn’t really helping in finding the stops.

Current official stops

The main lines travel between the following stops:
South to west part of Lipari: Lipari Port > Quattrocchi > Pianoconte > Varesana > Quattropani
East to north part of Lipari: Lipari Port > Canneto > Cave di Pomice > Porticello > Acquacalda
There are some additional lines that e.g. go to Spiaggia Valle Muria, Lami, Pirrera. They are less frequent. (e.g. 4 times a day outside the main season)

The list of official stops might help you a bit in case you can’t figure out how to match the names of the time table to the actual bus stations, the timetable tells you a general village it will cross. I would also recommend to check out the public transport layer of Open street map to find the closest stop.

Other bus option on Lipari

There are other companies offering bus trips around the islands. Please note that only Urso bus is the public one that is also really cheap compared to other ones while often taking the same route and bring you to the same stops. This is especially true for destinations like “White Beach”, Canneto or Quattropani. I would recommend to check beforehand where you want to go and if the public bus will stop there. Taking a shuttleservice might be more expensive but can be a great option if the bus timetable doesn’t work for your plans on the islands or don’t go where you want to go.

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