4 best places to watch the sunset on Salina

The best places to watch the sunset from on Salina are pretty easy to find: anything having a view to the west is great! You might already discovered some great places after a great day on Salina while for a swim or hike, enjoyed the local food. Although the sunset seems to be always great on Salina as you are looking to Aliduci and Filicudi from most places, but it might be also worth checking out which season you want to go to Salina.

Check out my list for the best places to watch the sunset from on Salina

Where to watch the sunset from on Salina

Pollara beach

Pollara is a small village located on the southwestern coast of Salina. The village is known for its crescent-shaped beach and its appearance in the movie “Il Postino.” The beach and the surrounding cliffs provide a stunning backdrop for watching the sunset. Visitors can enjoy a picnic on the beach while watching the sun disappear into the sea. If you are able to walk to Punta Perciato the light is really spectacular at sunset.

Pollara church & bar

Before walking down to the beach make sure to check your options where to watch the sunset as there are plenty of spots that are also great and might be less crowded than the beach. One place is at the church right at the Oasis bar or a little further down the street. You will see both Alicudi and Filicudi on a little elevated level.

Watch the sunset at Punto panoramico di Pollara

This belvedere is located right next to the old Pollara light house on the more or less highest point of the main street between Malfa and Pollara. Both Alicudi and Filicudi make a picturesque scenery you won’t forget!

Watch the sunset from a boat

A lot of boat trips will stop somewhere close to Pollara to let visitors see the sunset. You normally get a really great view and the captains know where the best spot is in the season. If you come with your own boat somewhere between the mini island Scoglio Faraglione and Pollara beach is a great spot to snorkel and view the sunset

Extra tip: watch the sunset from Malfa

Malfa is also a great place to watch the sunset from – depending on the season the sun might be dipping into the water behind the mountain – but you can be sure that the sky is still pretty nice. Especially in autumn with some clouds, the sky might look even more spectacular than any summer evening.

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